July 31-Aug 1


The Silver Ghost train moved through Kansas, covering over 550 miles in two days. The Ghosts that started in Annapolis have now covered over 2,000 miles and all are running strong.


Don Weber’s 1926 Playboy Roadster (306PL) on its first day on tour in Salina, KS.






The day started out cool and many drivers and passengers had on coats and hats during the morning run to Wichita to see Lawrence Smith’s magnificent car collection. The cars include a number of former Pebble Beach winners.

As we visited the Smith collection, the sky was clearing and the mid-summer Kansas sun warmed up quickly. By the time we reached Salina, the temperature had risen into the 90s. We were the guests of Roger and Sissy Morrison and we had the opportunity to see Roger’s collection, also containing former Pebble Beach winners.



Silver Ghost jewelry at its best. Engine compartment on one of Roger Morrison’s outstanding Silver Ghosts with brass and copper fittings polished to perfection.





We started out early on Saturday morning for our longest drive of the tour, 355 miles to Limon, CO. The day started out cool and clear and we had a delightful drive on the high plains west of Salina. Many of the Ghosts stopped at the Cathedral on the Plains; a magnificent Catholic church built in 1911. Stepping inside was like being transported to Europe with the high vaulted ceiling and beautiful stained glass windows.

The remainder of our journey was HOT. The Kansas sun warmed us to around 95 degrees. Even though it was
hot, it could have been hotter. Last year on the same date, the temperature was 107 degrees.

Kees Wentges 1914 Barker tourer (47GB) parked by the Cathedral of the Plains,
a magnificent church located on the route from Salina, KS

The cars faired well in the hot weather while many of the passengers did not, particularly those from the cooler climates like the UK. A Ghost generates a lot of engine heat, a real treat on the toes on cooler days, but less welcome as the thermometer climbs skyward. Some of the cars took advantage of the Ghost’s side opening bonnet to increase the air flow over the engine, a very effective method of dissipating the heat.



A Ghost arising from the dead - 1924 Locke Roadster (3AU) piloted by Gil and James Fuqua.






We enter the Rocky Mountains tomorrow and everyone is looking for a change of scenery and the cooler temperature that will come with the higher elevations.




Neville Jordan’s 1922 tourer (7KG) checking on other Ghosts.











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