July 21-22


About 20 Silver Ghosts were greeted by the Mayor of Annapolis, MD for the send-off breakfast. Rolls-Royce Motors provided a new Phantom that was the lead car for our police-escorted group out of the city. It was great seeing the new Phantom parked with the Silver Ghosts. It was easy to see the lineage adopted from the Silver Ghosts incorporated in the new car.

IMG_6713Annapolis town crier at Silver Ghost send-off in Annapolis. New Roll-Royce Phantom in foreground with some of the Silver Ghosts on tour.






We traveled about 190 miles through three states, finally ending in the western part of Maryland, the state from which we departed. In fact, we traversed three states in less than a mile when we passed over the Potomac River from Maryland into Virginia before arriving in West Virginia. We had an excellent reception in Frederick, MD where the entire Main Street had been reserved for Silver Ghosts. We stopped for a brief tour of the Civil War Museum before heading to Harper’s Ferry, WV for tours of the historic city. The setting was wonderful and provided a great backdrop for the Ghosts that became an additional tourist attraction for the day.

1923 Boat tail roadster (18EM) driven by Walter and Joy Blenko of
Allison Park, PA. Note the wood shop in Fredrick, MD as perfect
service depot for wooden body.

Harper’s Ferry was the half-way point to Cumberland, MD. The remaining day’s journey gave us a taste of mountainous terrain, windy roads and our first touch of rain…not too much to dampen our spirits. It was also quite hot with the ambient temperatures over 90 degrees.



1914 Barker Tourer (47GB) driven by Kees Wentges of Naples, FL – entering Harper’s Ferry, WV






The group departed Cumberland, MD early on the way to Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright house located the hills of Pennsylvania. It’s an unusual house laid out in hexagonal shapes. The house and surrounding grounds are owned by Lord Palumbo of Waldbrook, England. We had the opportunity to meet him and his three children who passed by on horseback. He asked if we had seen the “wonderful Silver Ghosts” in the parking lot and we told him we were part of the group.



Silver Ghosts in parking area in historic Harper’s Ferry, WV






Our tour again passed through three states today, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The weather started out cool and people layered up to stay warm in the morning. By afternoon, it was overcast and misted or rained the rest of the drive into Wheeling, West Virginia where we rest for the evening at Oglebay Bay Resort before driving about 175 miles to Deer Creek, Ohio on Friday.

1926 Stratford (S348RL) pictured at Kentuck Knob, PA.
Driven by Albert and Monique Eberhard from Villa Florencia, Portugal

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