August 1-2


‘Top down touring at its best’ sums up our 200 mile run from Limon to Estes Park, CO. The sky was clear and cool in the morning. The first 60 miles was through high plains that included beautiful views and a great road for Ghost touring. We continued to gain elevation through the day, rising almost 5,000 feet from Limon to the top of the highest mountain roads. The temperature also climbed into the high 90s.

IMG_7212David and Nancy Watts’ pass through one of many tunnels on the Canyon Road on the way to Idaho Springs, CO.
(1924 Pall Mall – 394LF)






Our route took us on back roads south and west of Denver to Golden. We took the ‘Lariat Loop’ through the canyon road to Idaho Springs. Many of the Ghosts took the optional “Oh my God!” road from Idaho Springs to Central City. The “Oh my God!” passage is so named because of the sharp turns and steep pitch of the road that climbs to almost 10,000 feet. The road is mostly gravel and was completely washed out only the week before our trip due to heavy rains. It had been repaired and took us by abandoned mines and a Ghost town before turning downhill and ending in Central City, an old mining town that has been restored and is full of casinos. The road was dusty, rocky and had washboard ruts in places, the perfect setting for cars headed for Pebble Beach.



Colin Laybourn’s 1923 tourer (72NK) parked in Idaho Springs, CO attracted a lot of attention on the street with its nautical style wind scoops in front of the windshield and its Stephen Grebel headlights.





The high altitudes and hotter temperatures meant some of the Ghosts needed a little extra water to cool down their radiators on the long uphill runs. Many of the Ghosts traversed the “Oh my God!” road with no problems, a feat for a modern car. Of the few cars on the road, most were Jeeps and other four-wheel drive vehicles. All of the Ghosts arrived at the lovely Stanley Hotel (of Stanley Steamer fame) and parked in a reserved spot next to the Hotel. We had an day off at the Stanley to rest, clean up the cars and perform the routine maintenance on our Ghosts. We head out for Steamboat Springs on Tuesday.



Kees Wentges 1914 Barker tourer (47GB) passing through Idaho Springs, CO







IMG_7250ccGil Fuqua’s 1924 Locke Roadster (3AU) on the “Oh my God!” gravel road that rises to about 10,000’ and runs between Idaho Springs and Central City.







Looking down on the “Oh my God!” road at Colin Laybourn’s 1923 Ghost making its way up the mountain.


Passing by an old mine on the “Oh my God!” road, Jeremy Greene of
Perth, W. Australia has a full complement of passengers and an Alpine radiator extension to facilitate a cool run over the mountain. (1924 Tourer – 41EM)






3AU parked in front of an abandoned gold mine on the downhill side of the “Oh my God!” road. (Owner Gil Fuqua, 1925 Locke Roadster)







Jim and Cleo Stroman on the final steep downhill road after the “Oh my God!”
road as they enter Central City, CO. Note the elevation of 8,476 on the sign.
(1922 Phaeton – 76ZG)


Terry Lister of the UK topping radiator to 1924 Tilbury (370HH)
with 16oz water bottles, a light drinker


Bill Kennedy in his very fast Ghost flying through the mountains.
He affectionately calls the car’s color ‘double-ugly green.’
(1926 Piccadilly – S385RL)


Con and Nayda Keogh from Perth, W. Australia in their sleek
1921 L to E tourer (106HG) on the final run into Estes Park, CO.

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