August 10-11


The Ghost train departed the Lake Tahoe area for California, our final destination. For those 18 Silver Ghosts that traveled the entire route, we surpassed the 3,750 mile mark during the day. The average age of the Silver Ghosts on the trip is 83 years old with the oldest one clocking in at 92 years old, a lovely 1912 L to E model piloted by David Robson of the UK.



John Harris with wife Angela and passenger Angelo Notaras (Australia) in the Ghost town of Bodie, CA. The 1922 tourer (68ZG) is known as the ‘Guacamole Ghost.’





Our route took us over several mountains during the day, including the side trip to Bodie, CA., a wonderfully preserved Ghost town. Bodie was located 13 miles off the main highway and included three miles of washboard gravel road that was tough going, especially for the modern cars that we passed on the road. Our Silver Ghosts received special treatment and were allowed to drive into the Ghost town for photos. The modern cars were relegated to an upper parking lot.



Ghost train leader Mary White with husband Doug and brother-in-law John passing through Bodie in 1923 tourer (29LK).






The Silver Ghosts attracted as much attention in Bodie as the Ghost town itself. We saw a number of tourists taking the opportunity to photograph their family in front of one of the cars. There were several old cars and a truck in the Ghost town and someone noted that our cars were older than any of the rusted heaps on display. They were equally amazed that we had driven the tough gravel road to reach the Ghost town of Bodie. These cars were made to be driven and their excellent performance on the trip has been demonstrated with each new days’ adventures.



Kees Wentges 1914 Barker tourer (47GB) parked in front of rusted siding on building in Bodie, CA







We left Lee Vining, CA early in the morning for our ascent through the Tioga Pass at 10,000’ and a tour of Yosemite National Park. The Ghosts tackled the steep grade leading to Tioga and were treated with spectacular scenery.



Terry Lister’s 1924 Tilbury (370HH) in Bodie. Lister is from the UK yet he shipped his American built Ghost to the US for this tour.





Just as we thought out mountain climbing was at an end, many of the Ghosts took an additional tour to Glacier Point, a long 4,000’ climb from the Yosemite Valley. Just before arriving at Glacier Point, the road goes through a series of very sharp turns where the Ghosts demonstrated their excellent handling and mountain climbing skills.



Alex Joyce’s 1922 tourer (40PG) on the rough gravel road to the Ghost town of Bodie, CA. The road to Bodie is a 13 mile one-way detour from the main highway and includes three miles of gravel road before reaching the town.




Almost 35 Silver Ghosts participated in the trans-continental trip, some for as little as a few days and some for several weeks. All of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts have performed remarkably. We never had a day that all Ghosts did not reach our final destination for the evening. All 18 Ghosts that started the trip in Annapolis, MD will depart the Yosemite area and head for Monterey on Thursday, completing over 4,000 miles each. The excellent performance of the Silver Ghosts on this journey is a tribute to perfection in engineering that started 100 years ago when Charles Rolls and Henry Royce joined forces to create the “Best Car in the World.”




Neville Jordan of New Zealand on the final switchback as he approaches Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. 1922 tourer (7KG)






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