Rolls-Royce cars have been a passion since an early age. Whether seeing an old model driving down the road or a new Silver Cloud at the local dealer, the cars always captured my attention. I purchased my first Rolls-Royce while in college. It was a 1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25 bodied by Hooper as a six-light limousine. I still own it and have learned a lot about these cars over the years.

My interest in all things Rolls-Royce steered me to the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club (RROC), the first club to focus on this marque. The tremendous resources of the RROC have been instrumental in me learning more about these great cars, from their history to restoration and maintenance. I am a life member of the RROC and have been actively involved as a club director, contributor to the club’s award-winning publication, The Flying Lady, and an active archivist in gathering information about the cars and spearheading the conversion to digital formats.

The Photo Gallery includes numerous photographs related to Rolls-Royce, from cars on tours to photos of restorations.

The Silver Ghost section includes information about the first model launched by Rolls-Royce that captured the title of “Best Car in the World.” There are also links to articles I wrote that relate to Silver Ghosts.

The 20/25 chassis, known as a Small Horsepower car, includes additional articles and photographs about these great cars. Due to the ‘small’ designation, the Small HP models are often overlooked in favor of their “Large Horsepower” cousins that include the Silver Ghost and Phantoms I, II & III. The Small HP are great cars and are attractively priced compared with their larger peers...and every bit a Rolls-Royce in terms of quality and reliability.

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