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A collection of Silver Ghosts photos from AX201, a 1907 chassis known as the “Silver Ghost,” to the latest chassis built, a 1926 model built in Springfield, Massachusetts


All photos are Copyright by Gil Fuqua and may not be distributed or published without his express permission .

Articles related to the Rolls-Royce
Silver Ghost Chassis
by Gil Fuqua

All articles are Copyright by Gil Fuqua and may not be distributed or published without the express permission of the author.

Installing the Gear Vendors Overdrive in the Silver Ghost - A step-by-step installation guide to installing the overdrive and adaptors sold by Gear Vendors, Inc. The article includes tables for gear ratios, engine revolutions per tire turn, and selecting gears for the overdrive to match a car’s rear axle gear ratio. Originally published in the 2001-2 issue of the Silver Ghost Tourer. (PDF file - 7.1mb)

A Modern Oil Gun for the Silver Ghost - Adapting the modern Alemite 4035 oil gun for Enot’s fittings as fitted to a Silver Ghost and Phantom I. Originally published in the 2004-1 issue of the Silver Ghost Tourer. (PDF File - 901kb)

Polishing Aluminum Panels - The Swift Method To A Mirror Finish - How to polish aluminum panels on cars using a method created by the Swift Museum Foundation for polishing aluminum airplanes. The article highlights the combination of Cyclo polisher with Nuvite polishes to create a long-lasting mirror finish on aluminum panels. Originally published in the 2002-1 issue of The Flying Lady. (PDF file - 1.0mb)

Silver Ghosts from Around the World - The Stamp of Approval - An article about philatelic stamps that depict the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. The article includes color photographs of 17 stamps and a listing of stamps from around the world that depict a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. Originally published in the 2003-1 issue of the Silver Ghost Tourer. (PDF file - 1.1mb)

Touring Checklist - Parts and Tools for Touring - A checklist of tools, spare parts and lubricants for long-distance touring in a Silver Ghost. The list includes sections for Electrical, Tires & Wheels, Engine, Lubrication, Tools, Cleaning Kit, and Misc & Supplies. (PDF File - 24kb)

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