20/25 Chassis

Articles related to the Rolls-Royce 20/25 Chassis by Gil Fuqua

All articles are Copyright by Gil Fuqua and may not be distributed or published without the express permission of the author.

The R-R Servo on Small HP Cars - A review of how the servo works, modifications made to the R-R servo by chassis, diagnosis of braking and servo-related problems. The article includes an comprehensive step-by-step guide to rebuilding the servo along with detailed photographs to illustrate the process. Originally published in the 2000-1 issue of The Flying Lady. (PDF file - 0.9mb)

Removing Wheel Bearing Retaining Nuts on the 20/25 - Article describes how to remove the castellated nuts on a 20/25 hub, including how to fabricate the sockets for removing the nuts without damaging them. Originally published in the 2000-4 issue of The Flying Lady. (PDF file - 0.6mb)

Small H.P. Seminar - 20 H.P., 20/25, 25/30, Wraith - Review of Small HP Seminar hosted by the staff of The Vintage Garage. Article includes information on engine rebuilding, heads, connecting rods, radiator basics, performing a Spring-time check up and miscellaneous tidbits. Originally published in the 1997-4 issue of The Flying Lady. (PDF file - 2.1mb)

Small Horsepower Seminar - Review of seminar led by Tim Jayne focused on dismantling and evaluating a 20/25 engine for rebuilding. Originally published in the 2003-2 issue of The Flying Lady. (PDF file - 1.9mb)

Rebuilding a 20/25 Engine - Stephe Boddice is an accomplished mechanic based in the UK. He is noted for his Phantom III publication on rebuilding the 12-cylinder engine. He began the project of rebuilding a 20/25 engine in 2005 and has extensive online documentation and photographs on his website: http://www.boddice.co.uk/index0.htm


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